No one should have any problems with requesting of the credit card but it is useful to receive some information before using.

Most questions concern the 16 digits reservation number. It is usual number which is directed to your e-mail in case of the ordering. For example, if you apply for the Quicksilver credit card you will obtain the Quicksilver reservation number and 6 digits access code.

Users have to do a few simple steps to apply for both business and personal credit cards. Firstly, find the and provide all required information (it will be 16 digits reservation number and 6 digits access code). Then submit the application to finish the process. You will spend about a minute on this action. When you have submitted the request it is necessary to wait until the credit card will be approved. Also, you can check the status of request by using the

NOTE: To own a card customer must meet the following requirements: to be 18 y.o. or older, to be resident the US and have a perfect credit line before.

Customers can be confident with the all types of credit cards because Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation protects depositors in case the bank fails.

Capital One bank offers credit cards for different audiences so everyone will be able to find something for themselves. Those who would like to get a cashback should choose Quicksilver credit card and receive 1.5% of money back for each purchase paid with this card. While Venture credit card is more suitable for travelers because provides benefits for travels.

If your application is not approved you can apply again but you must answer some additional questions for this reason. Also, you can direct your questions to the support service by dialing: 1 877 383 4802 (US) or 1 800 227 48 25. To know all recent information visit the website







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