International Festival, Locarno, Switzerland
Installation of the main Vip ospitality structure completed.

TensiNet Symposium 2007
The "TensiNet Symposium 2007: Ephemeral Architecture. Textiles and Time" will be organized at the Politecnico di Milano, from the 16th to the 18th of April 2007

Lightweight and large span: Tensairity

The swiss company Airlight has developed, with the Tensairity concept, a new pneumatic beam which enables spectacular applications especially in structural engineering. The synergetic combination of a air filled flexible tube, cables and rods gives with low pressure a very light but strong structure element.

What is the difference between Tensairity and existing pneumatic structures?
The innovative Tensairity-concept and the fact that air pressure is totally independent of the span and slenderness of the constituting elements. In other words: Tensairity allows the construction of very light roof structures with extremely long span. The load bearing capacity of Tensairity is so high that with a pressure of 200 mbar it is already possible to build temporary bridges even suitable for heavy transports. Compared with traditional airbeams, Tensairity needs just 1% of air pressure. With such low pressure, air losses are easily compensated.
Apart from civil engineering many other fields of application are possible: floating structures, sport equipment, airships and even aerospace applications

Airlight Ltd.

The Tensairity technology has been developed and patented worldwide by Airlight Ltd. Switzerland. The company markets this technology and offers with licensing many other services such as training and support by direct applications. The main mission is to help engineers in applying the technology and to further develop the Tensairity concept. The main target of Airlight are civil engineers who, in a four days introduction course, learn the theory, how to design and numerically simulate Tensairity structures. The access of many related information and details speeds up the task of the engineer in the proposal and design phase.

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